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D.S.H.V. Torius in Delft

Torius is the student handball association of Delft. We have approximately 70 members. Most people are Dutch but every year we have a couple of exchange students who join us for just half a year, but who will leave full of memories.

Torius has one gents and one ladies team who both play in the 2nd class of the Dutch handball competition. We work together with the handball association Hercules from The Hague to facilitate the participation in the competition. Additionally we play (practice) matches against other clubs and we go to student handball tournaments all over the country, which is especially fun for the non-competition members. Once every two years we go to an international handball tournament for a long weekend for lots of high-level handball and partying abroad.

Besides playing handball, we also organize many fun activities and have monthly drinks at a bar in Delft.

Informatie over D.S.H.V. Torius

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Naam vereniging:D.S.H.V. Torius
Aantal leden / teams:70
Datum opgericht:28-06-1990

Geschiedenis van de vereniging

Torius was born on 28th June 1990. Back then it was not much more than a couple of friends who liked to play some handball together. After a couple of years there were enough men to form an actual team for handball matches.

Torius has organized the Dutch Championships beach handball for several consecutive years on the beach of Hoek van Holland, until new regulations made it impossible to continue with this and we had to stop. Nevertheless, when the weather is good we still go outside to play beach handball at the fields of X and we sometimes go to beach tournaments.

Doel van de vereniging

Torius is the only student handball association of Delft and we are very proud of that. Our goal is to combine good and sportive handball with fun side activities in order to get the most out of our student time.

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