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Study Association Sefa

Sefa is the largest study association at the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) at the University of Amsterdam. Being the faculty association, we provide services to students from all years and specializations.

Informatie over Study Association Sefa

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Datum opgericht:1922
Aantal leden/contribuanten:6000
Url website:website
Bestuur / kantoorlocatie:Roetersstraat 11 Room E0.02/E0.01


Sefa, the study association of Economics and Business (EB) at the University of Amsterdam, is founded in 1922 with the name SEF. In 1995 arose the name Sefa by a merger between SEF and EEFA.

Sefa, which is currently one of the largest study associations in the Netherlands, already started to operate in the interests of FEB students in 1922. From that moment on SEF, and in a later stage also EEFA, would develop into professional organisations. This development laid the foundations for Sefa’s current structure. In its earlier years, Sefa functioned as an umbrella organisation for six sub-fraternities, each of which focussed on its own subject area. Throughout the years the sub-organisations started to function independently. By means of a periodical chairman convention, Sefa remains in contact and works together with her sister organisations.

Throughout the years, Sefa has become part of a corporation of the five biggest Economics & Business study associations of the Netherlands. This enables us to benchmark our ideas with other big study associations, so we can create the best association for our members.


Sefa is one of the largest study associations in the Netherlands. Every year, active members organize a wide range of activities, such as the ‘Amsterdams Career Days‘, trips to destinations abroad and legendary monthly drinks. Besides, Sefa is selling the cheapest study books in Amsterdam. Students are also able to develop themselves at Sefa by joining a committee, which organizes various activities in our four pillars: Academic, Career, International and Social.

Do you like to gain relevant practical experience and increase your social network? Don’t hesitate to address one of the board members or send an e-mail to to become an active member!

Missie & Visie

Sefa aims to inspire students to transcend, connecting them to their future. We offer students an extensive network to explore and develop their capabilities and introduce them to the world of business and economic.

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