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Study Association Esperia

Esperia is the study association for students of the programme European Languages and Cultures at the University of Groningen. Despite the few years that this study association has existed, it is a fully-fledged association. We are an international association, which is why we provide all information in English. This way we make sure that everyone can access all information related to Esperia. We have several committees and one society, which organise fun and educational activities for our members. We also provide student support for our members, who they can consult when they have problems or questions related to student life.

Informatie over Study Association Esperia

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Datum opgericht:12th of April 2013
Doelgroep / instituut:European Languages and Cultures
Aantal leden/contribuanten:214
Url website:website
Bestuur / kantoorlocatie:Turftorenstraat 21, room 1323.0227
Prijs contributie:20


Study Association Esperia was founded on the 12th of April, 2013. As many studies were combined into the programme European Languages and Cultures in 2012, it was needed to create a new study association. Three board members of the former study association of Romance Languages and Cultures wanted to start an association that would be suitable for this new programme. With the help of the faculty board they figured out how to establish a new study association and how to disestablish the former study association of Romance Languages and Cultures. The name ‘Esperia’ was chosen, after the Greek word “‘Eσπερία” (Hesperia), meaning “Western Land”, a historical term for Europe. It also bears resemblance with the word “esperar” which can be translated as “hope for the future” in many Romance languages. The signings of the new associations articles, made Esperia official.


Esperia organises many different types of activities throughout the year. These are all organised by our committees, society or the board. Some of these activities are related to the programme European Langauges and Cultures, for example; pub lectures, city trip and study sessions. Other activities are there for the entertainment of our members, for example; socials, karaoke and a trip to the christmas market in Germany. Esperia also organises an annual trip to a European city.

Missie & Visie

Our mission is to bring the students of European Languages and Cultures together, and to guide them during their studies. Every year the board creates a policy plan with new spearheads on which they will focus that academic year. Examples of these spearheads have been ‘internationalisation’, ‘mental health’, and ‘continuity and growth’.

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