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Studievereniging Nanobiology Hooke

S.V.N.B. Hooke is the study association for all Nanobiology students, bachelor and master. Hooke strives to create a welcoming community and an optimal learning environment for its members. Members can develop themselves while they are part of a committee within Hooke, or by participating in workshops, lunch lectures or case studies organised by others within the association. As study association, one of our areas of interest is the quality of the education. We provide student feedback to the programme via panel discussions and course evaluations. We also provide you with an up-to-date book list on our website, where you can also order them!

Because there only start 100 Nanobiologists each year, everyone knows each other. Hooke is therefore the perfect place to make Nanobiology-friends. Every year, a weekend for all incoming students is organised and during the rest of the year we have weekly drinks and regular fun activities with each other!

Informatie over Studievereniging Nanobiology Hooke

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Datum opgericht:20 november 2014
Doelgroep / instituut:Studenten Nanobiology
Aantal leden/contribuanten:431
Url website:website
Openingstijden Sociëteit / borrellocatie:Opening hours Delft (C0.010) are 09:00 - 17:00, Monday - Friday. Opening hours Rotterdam (Fg-217a) change weekly. We have our weekly drinks in Bar het Lab on Tuesdays from 16:30 - 19:30.
Prijs contributie:15


In September 2012, the bachelor programme for Nanobiology started. Nanobiology is an interdisciplinary programme where students use fundamental knowledge of mathematics and physics to fully understand the complexity of biology on the nanoscale. Students of this programme get the unique opportunity to experience the expertise of two different universities in two different cities: Delft and Rotterdam. As we speak, Nanobiology has grown into a fully developed study programme: in September 2017 the first Master students have received their degree and are now officially the first nanobiologists in the world.

Obviously, a study programme is not complete without its own study association. Therefore the study association for Nanobiology Hooke was founded on November 20, 2014. It takes care of students’ interests by evaluating the quality of education, organizing activities where students can broaden their skill set and career orientation, or socially bond with each other.


Hooke offers a wide variety of activities, covering social activities, but also career related seminars and in-house visits by companies. Hooke hosts several parties throughout the year, the weekly Tuesday drinks in Bar het Lab and our annual surf trip. Besides that, Hooke organizes lunch lectures and case studies by companies, or workshops to improve soft skills. You are not obligated to join any activity; you can just stop by when you feel like it or when a subject is interesting to you!

Missie & Visie

The study association Hooke dedicates itself to the guarantee of quality of the education within the Nanobiology programme while organizing activities/events where its members can develop themselves or orientate themselves for their future.

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