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Faculty Association Ibn Battuta

Ibn Battuta is the Faculty Association of the Faculty of Spatial Sciences. All students at the faculty can become a member and enjoy all the activities and services that Ibn Battuta has to offer. With around 80% of all students at our faculty being a member, Ibn Battuta is a great platform to get to know each other en become befriended!
So, what is it that we do? Firstly, the Association organizes a wide range of activities. Ibn Battuta organizes a great deal of social activities, such as Social Drinks, parties, sports events and a fair share of foreign trips. Every year around March we take a 10 day trip to a foreign destination and in January we organize a winter sports trip. Next to that we take two short foreign excursions every year and organize a hitchhiking competition. But, Ibn Battuta also organizes informative and career-focused activities, such as lectures, in-house days and the Career Day to help you to orient on your future.
But, Ibn Battuta can mean more to you! We offer a discount on your study books, free summaries, and a Buddy System to help you get around at the University. Next to that, membership enables you to access the whole website, including our Cribn Battuta page, where you can find advertisements for available rooms in Groningen!

Informatie over Faculty Association Ibn Battuta

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Datum opgericht:June 19 1961
Doelgroep / instituut:Faculty of Spatial Sciences
Aantal leden/contribuanten:850
Url website:website
Sociëteit- of borrellocatie:'t Gat van Groningen
Bestuur / kantoorlocatie:Nettelbosje 2, room 5414.0020
Openingstijden Sociëteit / borrellocatie:The board of Ibn Battuta is present at the Board Room everyday from 11:00 AM till 03:00 PM. Our Coffee Room (Nettelbosje 2, room 5414.0013) is ALWAYS open and our Social Drinks pub 't Gat van Groningen is filled with our amazing members one Tuesday night every month.
Prijs contributie:14


Faculty Association Ibn Battuta owes her name to the Moroccan traveler Abdullah Mohammed Ibn Abdullah Al-Lawati Al-Tangi Ibn Battuta, as his full name is written in proper English. When Ibn Battuta was only 21 years old he made his first trip, a pilgrimage to Mecca. A distance of around a 1000 miles, all on the back of a camel! But he did not return home for more than 24 years after and continued traveling all over the world. Due to the fact that he documented all of his travels in detail, Ibn Battuta is seen as one of the founding fathers of modern-day geography. A line that we as geographers and planners continue to follow!


The wide range of activities Faculty Association Ibn Battuta has to offer, are organized by our 12 committees, 3 projectgroups and 4 fellowship that all have their own specialties and interests, and of course the board. We have the Almanac Committee, that creates our yearbook from scratch every year! Our Career Day Committee organizes our annual Career Day on which you can meet your future employer. EGEA Groningen (European Geography Association) brings our members into contact with geographers all over Europe! For a lot of different, study-related and fun excursions, we have our Excursion Committee and there is our First Year Committee, especially for first-year students, that organizes a range of social activities to bring people together! The Foreign Excursion Committee organizes the foreign trip we make with around 50 people in March every year. The Lecture Committee provides us with interesting and course broadening lectures. The Lustrum Committee is a special one since it is only active once every 5 years, to organize 10 days full of activities to celebrate our lustrum! There is also a committee focused on master students, the Career Platform. The Career Platform focuses on career-related activities, such as in-house days and workshops to prepare you for your future! The Sports and Games Committee makes sure that our members stay active with sports events and tournaments. The annual winter sports trip in January is organized by our Wintersports Committee and last but not least, we have the Zwemfest Committee. Zwemfest is an annual music festival, giving a stage to upcoming artists in and around Groningen!
Then we have our Projectgroup Ameland, which supports the board in organizing the Introduction Day and Introduction Weekend. Projectgroup Schier organizes a fun weekend to the Dutch island Schiermonnikoog and the Projectgroup Sustainability supports the board with initiatives on how to make our Association as sustainable as possible!
Lastly, we have our fellowships. Which are groups of friends with the same interest, that come together and organize their own activity for our members! We have four fellowships; the Pedelgenootschap (who love to talk loudly, sing and drink beer), the Battuboyz (who all like music and spicy food), Peculiares Viri (who love their craft beers) and Ibn 0 (our very own soccer team).

Missie & Visie

Faculty Association Ibn Battuta highly values her open and positive atmosphere. Our faculty is seen as the biggest of all small faculties, which is also our biggest strength! You can easily get in contact with a lot of people and staff of the faculty. The small scale, good contact with the faculty and immense conviviality are things that we as an Association wish to guarantee!

Overige Informatie

Have you become extremely interested in everything that Ibn Battuta has to offer, but you don’t study at the Faculty of Spatial Sciences? Worry not! You can also become a Friend of Ibn Battuta for a small amount a year and still enjoy the activities we have to offer!

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