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Extra Muros

Extra Muros is the study association for, and by, the students studying Liberal Arts and Sciences at University College Tilburg. A study association differs from a student association. Everyone can become a member of Extra Muros, without going through a hazing, and as a study association we combine social and academic activities. We provide opportunities for students to have fun and develop themselves as a person. The language spoken during all Extra Muros related activities is English to ensure that the international students in the program feel included.

Informatie over Extra Muros

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Doelgroep / instituut:University College Tilburg
Url website:website
Sociëteit- of borrellocatie:Common Room Dz9
Prijs contributie:20


Extra Muros was founded 12 years ago when the program LAS in Tilburg started. Since then we have been growing steadily with more members and events each year. Some events became real Extra Muros traditions, like the Last Lectures in which we ask a teacher: if this would be your last lecture, what would you like to talk about? Each year we can get to know the teachers in the program in an informal and personal way during the LAS cafe. And of course there is the tradition of the annual Gala, the highlight of the year.


Currently Extra Muros has 8 committees. Committees are groups of active members from all years that come up with possible events and organize them. Most committees organize at least one event per month. The committees are open to all members of Extra Muros. Often the committees work together with each other or with associations outside LAS.

This list gives some examples of activities that the committees organize:
Academic Committee: Last Lectures, Debate Nights, Salons (students and teachers come together to talk about for example articles, books, movies and music).
Social Party Committee: Themed Parties, Drinks, Gala.
Social Activities Committee: Sports Activities, Board Game Nights, Citytrips.
Creative Committee: Jam Sessions, Theatre Workshops, Painting Nights.
Internationalization and Culture Committee: Easter Egg Hunt, Thanksgiving Dinner, Movie Nights.
Study Trip Committee: The Annual Study Trip.
Outreach Committee: Activities to reach out to the local community and other UC’s in Europe, such as volunteering activities and exchange programs.
PR committee: promotes all the events, for example by posting on social media and making posters and videos.

Missie & Visie

Extra Muros wants to create an active student community. We provide opportunities for social and academic development. Furthermore, we help the first-year students get started, for example in our introduction weekend. We help international students find their place in the community in Tilburg and we work together with the staff to keep improving the program.

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  • Hi it looks like your association is focused on many fun and culture aspects. Do you help student advance their career with contacts with organizations. What connections has Extra Muros with the Tilburg business and social community.
    This is important for me to decide whether or not I spent time in the student community. Thanks

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