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Aureus is the study association of the School of Business & Economics (SBE) and the largest study association of the Vrije Universiteit (VU). With over 5000 students, around 200 committee members and over 30 committees, Aureus is one of the largest and most active study associations in the Netherlands.

Informatie over Aureus

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Datum opgericht:1948
Doelgroep / instituut:Students of the School of Business & Economics
Aantal leden/contribuanten:5000
Url website:website
Bestuur / kantoorlocatie:HG8A32 (Main Building of the VU)
Openingstijden Sociëteit / borrellocatie:Working Days: 09:00-17:00 Weekends: Closed


Study association Aureus was founded in 1948, when economics students at VU University Amsterdam united to form the ‘Economic Study Association at the VU’. The association focused most of its efforts on organizing excursions. By the late 1960s, the association had been renamed the ‘VESVU’ (Association of Economics Students at the VU). The name change meant that the association had to become more professional. ‘VESVU’ transformed from being mainly a social club into a student trade union-like organization. This changed again in the 1980s, as students gradually lost interest in their right to participation. The student trade union image faded into the background and the ‘VESVU’ resumed its social function. Later on the association took on the name Aureus, which means ‘Golden coin’ during the ancient Roman times. Step by step the association became more professional, collaborated with companies, organized some recruitment events and grew every step of the way. At this point, the association offers students a wide range of services such as study material, e.g. summaries and tutoring classes, career orientation in the form of several events, social activities and training opportunities.


Aureus organises all kind of activities during the year. Everything that is organized can be classified under the 4 pillars of the association: Academic, Career, Social and Skills.

The academic pillar tries to grasp the theory which the students get offered in the curriculum of the university and brings this into practice. Activities such as speaker events, where the speaker tells a compelling story about how ‘work life’ looks and binds this with the current knowledge of students.

The career pillar focuses on giving students the opportunity to orientate and prepare for their future job. While first years bachelor students are more trying to understand which kind of companies and sectors are on the job market, third year bachelor students and master students are already looking for a job they want to pursuit after their study. Aureus organizes different kinds of career events for both target groups, so all are satisfied and can fully prepare themselves for the future.

The skills pillar strives to give students the opportunity to gain essential skills which they can use in the future. Activities such as training sessions about improving your interview skills, how to make a better cv are excellent examples of what this pillar entails.

Next to the serious and formal activities, we have a more fun and informal pillar. Aureus also organizes a lot of drinks, trips abroad and other interactive activities which give students the opportunity to meet peers, connect with likeminded people and have a fun time.

Missie & Visie

The mission of study association Aureus is “To provide students of the School of Business and Economics of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam with a platform where they can develop themselves professionally and socially, complementary to their academic growth.”
We strive to accomplish this by providing these students with events and services based on our four founding pillars; Academic, Career, Social and Skills.

The vision of Aureus is “That every School of Business and Economics students takes the first step into their career through the professional network of the association, because of the extensive portfolio of events and services that Aureus provides them with.”

The values of Aureus are the principles of the association and are the standards of behavior. These can be described as the following:
Ambitious: We have a strong desire to reach our goals
Collaboration: Together we stand stronger and can achieve greatness
Inclusiveness: No matter the background, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender, we respect each other and strive to include everyone into the community
Integrity: We are true and honest to ourselves and have strong ethical values and principles
Leadership: We motivate and guide each other to get the most out of ourselves, take opportunities and have the courage to shape our generation’s future
Perseverance: we don’t shy away from taking on a challenge and don’t give up on it, even when it gets though

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