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AnArchi is the study association for Architecture connected to the Master program Architecture, Building and Planning (ABP) at Eindhoven University of Technology. The association is run by students. Our main tasks are to offer activities to the students, keep an eye on the level of our education and to sell sketch paper and scale figures at our desk. To do this it is important to build and maintain relations and collaborations within and outside of the university.

Informatie over AnArchi

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Datum opgericht:14-09-2009
Doelgroep / instituut:Faculteit Bouwkunde
Url website:website
Bestuur / kantoorlocatie:Vertigo (vloer 2), Groene Loper 6 (TU/e Science Park) 5612 AZ Eindhoven
Openingstijden Sociëteit / borrellocatie:You can buy sketch paper and scale figures for your models at our desk. Our desk is opened Monday - Friday at 12.30 - 15.00h.


AnArchi is a young study association that was officially founded at 14 September 2009, after being an association in formation for a year. The association was founded because at the time, there was no master study association for architecture. For more than ten years now, we focus on serving the interests of architecture students by connecting students to education and practice.


AnArchi offers a wide variety of activities amongst which workshops, excursions (both within the Netherlands and abroad), guest lectures, debates, an annual study trip in collaboration with Via Urbanism and much more. We also publish our architectural journal ‘the Archiprint’ twice per year. Next to these educational activities we also organize social activities like pubquizzes and drinks.

Missie & Visie

We as an association want to motivate students to further develop their architectural interests and to form a critical attitude being architectural designers. Knowing that the field of architecture is highly dynamic and ranges from practical to theoretical aspects, AnArchi aims to broaden the students’ knowledge in the various scopes of the field. We try to accomplish this by providing the students with indepth as well as broadening activities outside of the regular education program. A wide variety of activities offered by AnArchi has made the association a central point for all architecture students at the TU/e.

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